Diane Systems designs, supplies and installs systems for monitoring and control of technologic process (SCADA) in oil product terminals, systems for local and remote control of hydroelectric power station and of wind power plants.
Diane Systems designs, supplies and installs radio networks for voice and data transmition.
  • Design, supply and installation of industrial control systems and related heavy-current and light-current technological facilities;
  • Engineering services;
  • Warranty and post-warranty servicing
  • Supply and installation of radio communication apparatuses.


Building of systems for dispatcher monitoring

and control of hydroelectric power station „ Retije “

     Building of control room. Installation of dispatcher software. Supply, installation and programming of controlers PLC. Set up of radio network for voice and data transmition.

Remote control  of the generators of three hydro-electric power stations

Remote control of the executive mechanisme on pressure pipelines,

automatization of control devices

Remote monitoring of the three micro reservoirs



Extension of Bulgargaz SCADA system
    Installation of field equipments, pressure transmiters, telemetric station and comunication equipment for monitoring of linear cranes on gas-pipe.

Building of information system for monitoring, remote control and operation of the wind power planrs

Remote monitoring of parameters of wind turbine generating electricity. Remote control „ON“, “OFF“ of wind turbine. Remote switch on and switch off of wind power plants to electic transmission network. Monitoring of all parameters of generated electric energy of different wind power turbines.